“Sometimes I get so far into my head that I forget that anything else exist.” – Unknown

Have you ever just get lost into your thoughts and mind? To the point where you think one thought after the other and it causes you to overthink. Overthinking about how differently things could have been done and how the life that you have now could have been altered sightly if you had made different decisions? I get lost in my thoughts all of the time.

Personally, my overthinking causes self doubt, uncertainty, and feelings of inferiority to creep its way into my mind.

Today, my life, my relationship, and things that are beyond my control has been heavily on my mind. And I guess once I actually am thinking about something, the first thing humans intend to do subconsciously is think of all that possibly could go wrong. Instead of all what is right in our lives. Self-doubt and being pessimistic are the enemies of success. Living in fear before it has happened only will hinder myself more because what God already chooses to bring me toward, I will meet anyway. I will overcome it. I will grow closer to Him.

I might as well live in the moment now and live it to the fullest. Be thankful for what I have in my life at the moment because I must need it and I must have a lesson to learn from it.

Yes, it is okay and it is normal to overthink and get lost into your thoughts about what the future holds. It is normal to anticipate what life awaits for you. However, it is not normal to draw away in the present because you do not want pain in the future. Pain is apart of life. Pain is one of the keys to growth and self-improvement. Pain is something that we cannot run away from, no matter how much we wish to avoid it.

“Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.” Psalm 55:22

God already knows where we are meant to be and who we are meant to be with. At this time and place I am blessed and grateful to know that God has me right where he wants me to be. I feel that I am suppose to be around the people who are suppose to be in my life and around me. I and along with whoever may read this, should let go. Worry less. And enjoy the moments of life that we have now. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow has not come. What is the use of worrying about things that we cannot control?

Lord, just please grant me serenity, understanding, and tranquility over my soul as I climb the many mountains that life has to offer.


Queen Kort