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I am His child, I am the child of a King.

In this very moment, I am listening to “I Belong To You” by William McDowell. It is a gospel song that I am enjoying tremendously. These very lyrics describe the journey that I have walked until this very moment.

“I’ve been captured by a love I can’t explain. And now you have me forever changed. I’ve abandoned everything I’ve ever known. Now I surrender my life is not my own. I belong to you, I belong to you.” 

The love that I have grown to have for God has changed my life in many ways. There has been so many trials and tribulations that I have endured upon strengthening my relationship, which I intend on sharing in future posts. But, as for my introduction, I want to share how I feel surrendering myself to God saved my life and changed my outlook. It has gotten to the very point that I rarely recognize who I use to be five months ago. All because I truly believe that God isolated me from so many toxic things because the path that I was choosing to “create” for myself was not in my best interest at all. However, without my being aware, He took control of my life and began to place everything in my life that I always prayed for, but did not truly understand that those were the things that I needed.

When I look back on what God put me through, I am so grateful that I had Him to hold onto. Yes, I did quote “Never Would Have Made It” by Marvin Sapp, LOL! Nonetheless, those are words are true. I never thought I could have made it and reached this type of peace without God. As I still am learning to know Him, understanding that He mostly has control on my life, and it will always be in the best interest of myself because He shares an unconditional love for me.Since I am trying to wrap my head around these things and truly understand that someone of such an higher power will look over me, protect me, and guide me toward everything that I am meant to have, I have learned the love of myself has been the most important task to grasp.

After all, I am stuck with me forever… To be continued


Queen Kort