img_9954Valentine’s Day is approaching and I know many people are worried, feeling a sense of loneliness, dreading the holiday, or super excited because they can share the love that they feel for someone.

Some singles dread Valentine’s Day because typically, they think they are suppose to spend it with a significant other by their side. They see their friends enjoying date night, receiving gifts, reading cards, or posting pictures. However, it is okay.

Can we not be our own significant other?

Why is Valentine’s Day not a holiday that voices that loving and celebrating ourselves is valuable to the holiday as well? What is the harm in celebrating that we enjoy, love, and adore ourselves?

That is how we set the standard of being treated by others – in friendships, relationships, or acquaintances.

It is okay to be alone on this holiday. It is okay to enjoy your own solitude, getting to know yourself, becoming your own best friend. Because I tell you, when you love yourself and know who you are from head to toe, once the person sent to you by God comes into your life, it will work and flow effortlessly.

Remember, what is meant for you will always be for you. Focus on yourself more and stop worrying about what you do not have now.

As for those in relationships, whether you are a female or male, you matter just as much too. I am more bias to women because I am a young woman. But, personally I believe that we were all taught to believe that Valentine’s Day was solely to celebrate that one person that we love. It is a day to celebrate who you appreciate most. A day to show gratitude of that one person who is the sun in your life.

But, you are the sun in your own life. You should appreciate yourself. You should be grateful that you are able to love as beautifully and strongly as you have. You are the reason for your own happiness. A person is suppose to be an addition to your happiness and a reason. Not THE reason that you are happy. Use a small part of Valentine’s Day to show yourself a little love too. After all, you are deserving of it.

As you love yourself though, I hope you are spending this holiday with a person who makes you feel like you are living in the clouds, that you are singing with the moon every time you feel their presence, and that you are feeling the warmth of the sun within the depths of your soul. I pray that you are receiving the love and appreciation that you deserve. I pray every time that you look at them, you find a million new reasons as to why you feel for them. I pray that you honestly and truly believe that God sent them to you because of how they love you, how they respect you, how they enjoy you, and do not mistreat you.

I pray that you are surrounded by people who love you for you. I not only pray that they see the beauty in you, but that you see it in yourself first.

I hope they empower you, uplift you, and are music to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Self-Love Day.


Queen Kort