Dear Lord,

I have been having a troubling time lately. My past keeps trying to relive itself in my mind, keep trying to replay, the Devil keeps trying to pull me back into something that is over. He keeps trying to make feel the emotions of frustration, doubt, and hurt. I cannot let him win. He tries to make me think that all the progress that I have made means so little and that the abundance of blessings that you have handed me seem to be so far that I cannot reach them. But, I remember them. I hold onto them. I believe in them. I believe in You. I know You will always have my back, never forsake me, never leave me, and You will always save me. Love me. Teach me. Guide me. My past has came and went. Those days of hurt have came and went. Now, my days of joy, happiness, and positive opportunity are here and I need to live within them before they become apart of my past too. I am looking to You, I am praying to You, I am coming to You because I know my worries will turn into miracles within the hands of You.



Queen Kort