Dear Lord,

This is a prayer for my loved ones. A prayer for whom my heart yearns for. A prayer for those that I love wholeheartedly and only want to see happy. I pray that they truly find and know You. I pray for their peace of mind and their healing hearts. All I want them to do is heal. All I want them to is seek You. I pray if they are neglected, abandoned, and let down by someone they have tried to love in the best possible way. I pray that You will lead them back to you if they have lost their way. I pray You remind them of their love, that through You, strength will be supplied, that You will fill the emptiness within the deepest parts of themselves. You are with them when I am not, so I pray that You remind them that they are nothing short of beautiful. I pray that they truly surrender themselves to You to know and understand that a relationship with You will allow them to know their worth, see their value, love their beauty. I pray that they never feel insecure, not “good enough”, not worthy of love because they looked for love in someone who was not capable of loving them. Or probably never meant to. I pray for their pain. I pray for their struggle. I pray for their present. I pray that they come to You, understand You, and believe in You. After all, You are an all knowing God. You know what is best for us, but we are also in control of the decisions that we make. So, I pray that the people that I love and the people that I have loved will do better by them and for them. I hope they choose change and be the change they want to see because if they do, they will not allow the disheartening, the toxic situations, they will not be toxic themselves, and they will really accept You.

I hope they choose You as You never stop choosing them. As your never stopped choosing me.