How often do we think we need closure to move on? So many people believe that apologies, goodbyes, and knowing the reasons of an ending are the only ways to moving on and letting go. But, that is untrue.

Seasons in life end everyday, relationships that we thought would last forever end, we outgrow situations, or the same surrounding that we once felt comfortable seems to have become foreign overnight.

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

I use to be lost when things in my life ended. I did not understand the point in “moving on” when I figured I had everything that I wanted and gave me temporary happiness. At times, I really believe that God allows us or encourages us to move on because we are hindering ourselves to reach our full potential. As my heart was broken, as I lost a lot of people that I “needed”, and as I did not know myself or my strength, I had to trust God. I had to take a step out on faith and walk as God guided me.

Now, in this very moment, I still do struggle with the loss of some things. But, after I have healed and made peace with the removal of things that I once wanted, my eyes opened to what I did not see when those things were in my life. I realized how toxic, draining, and bad that those things were.

I truly believe that whatever is sent by God will always benefit you and not bring you any harm. You will always feel at peace and come back better as you are around a person sent by God, a job that God has blessed you with, or a surrounding that God has lead you to.

I feel moving on grows more into my relationship and love with God now. I love Him unconditionally and wholeheartedly. I love that He has brought me so much peace and made me so much hopeful about my future. I know the seasons of doubt will past because God knows what is best for me. I trust that He is in control and that makes me so happy, so thankful, and I feel so blessed. I am not afraid to embrace new opportunity.

Because lately, life has been so much fun. So exuberant. I can smell the scent in the night air. I can feel the moon as she stares back at me brightly. I can feel my soul genuinely laughing and smiling because where I am now is where I was meant to be.

Always follow God, trust His plan, pay attention to what He removes from your life, never stop growing, and always love yourself.


Queen Kort