It is rainy outside today and I felt that this would the be the perfect time to write, to spill all my feelings out, and to think. I love the mornings, especially when I can just think and pray. I saw one of my favorite inspirational Christian women yesterday and I heard that she was doing a challenge that I wanted to partake in.

It was to choose to live this year by a phrase to help better myself. She chose to be bold and to walk in love. I choose to be confident in everything that I do, in myself, in my faith, in relationships, and in life. I want to be confident within my health, by working out, eating better, and drinking plenty of water. I plan to indulge myself deeper into writing, bettering myself as a self taught MUA, and become a pharmacy technician. As for relationships, I plan to be confident by loving and fully enjoying the relationships that God has blessed me with in this moment and not worrying if I will be hurt or wronged. I will love these people wholeheartedly and give to them fully.

Secondly, I choose to keep moving forward and making my future exactly what I want it to be and continue making peace with my past. My future will be the dreams that I want to be my reality. I will never stop working hard and achieving the goals that I have for myself. I will be all that I know God has given me the potential to be. It is all up to myself. I have to believe in myself, let go of the parts that my self has left behind – the pain, the people, the dark times that I had to endure. I have to stop carrying those parts with me because they are no longer apart of me. They are no longer me. I will let go, dream big, and achieve.

What will you begin to live by?


Queen Kort