IMG_0385Even though, I am only eighteen, I felt that I have carried so many things. I felt that the things I have met in life long before this one are still with me. My soul feels so old and I just have been struggling with worrying a lot lately. I have a lot of uneeded and unwanted baggage. I worry about everything and that is not the way to live. To exist. That is not the way to find peace and be happy.

Last Sunday, I watched my grandmother’s preacher. I listened to his words. I always have loved the way that he preached. The way he delivers God voice through his sermons always speak to me.

He touched on being worried and lately it feels as if that is all I am doing. Since the age of four, I have always struggled with anxiety, overthinking, and worrying. He said that worrying takes off days of life, that it does you no good to wait and worry for things to disrupt the place that God has placed you. When in times of worry, distress, and being anxious, pray and master your faith so you can beat out your worry. Talk to God and rely on Him to fulfill and deliver you a peaceful mind. God uses times of trial as a test for our faith, to show that we would come to Him first before we began to let the thoughts of worry creep into our minds and eat at us from the inside out.

Yes, I know all of this. I am a work in progress… still. I have to apply it to my life. Pray more than I even think. Talk to God even more. Realize my blessings on the days it feels that I cannot touch them. And to focus more on my future and what lies ahead.

I am writing this to show you that I do not have it all together yet, I am the piece of a beautiful, but unfinished puzzle. I am still walking my journey, climbing mountains that I never was intended to carry, learning to let go of things that I needed to learn from, but not keep, and to realize that God delivered me from things I only caused myself harm. Pain is growth, but constantly worrying and leaving in fear is a mere hindrance.

You and me, whoever feels that they can relate to my story and journey, we can grow together. Let go of the toxicity and the things that weigh us down. We have to trust the Lord, after all what is He there for? Not to be ignored, neglected, and not relied on. He is there to uplift us, place our worries at bay, gives us peace in our chaotic mind.

We have someone who works for the good of our wellbeing without us realizing it. We are always under our Father’s protection, His love, His plan.

“Every problem can teach you something, transforming you little by little into masterpiece that I created you to be.” – Sarah Young

Start trusting Him. Start trusting your strength. Start understanding that what once was is no longer what is right now. It is over, it is gone. The present and your future is what matters now.

“I will not necessarily remove your problems, but My wisdom is sufficient enough to bring good out of every one of them.” – Sarah Young

Start doing better. For you. I will too. There are benefits from your difficulties.


Queen Kort